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Hope Grove Learning Co is dedicated to providing a dynamic, all-inclusive learning environment that promotes the holistic growth of our diverse community of K-6 learners. We are committed to preparing our students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes to succeed as global citizens in an ever-evolving world.
We understand that every student has a unique set of experiences, strengths, challenges, and perspectives, which we celebrate and value in all forms. We embrace diversity as it enriches our education, cultivates empathy, respect, and appreciation for different cultures, backgrounds, and identities.

Reimagining the Homeschooling Experience...

Our educational program offers high-quality, individualized instruction for children with a 1:8 ratio. We prioritize growth mindset and social/emotional skills with Kagan-centered teaching methods. We promote collaborative learning and differentiated curriculum to accommodate gifted students/2E, homeschoolers, and those with unique abilities. Our approach is child-led and project-focused, with daily instruction in mindfulness and survival skills. We also offer weekly sensory and STEAM infused learning, as well as weekly parent-involved field trips and volunteer opportunities. Please note that while we celebrate major holidays and birthdays, we maintain an apolitical and secular approach.

2024-2025 OFFERINGS

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Hybrid Homeschooling 

Summer 2024 program (June-July) $495-995/mo
Collab with The Homeschool Village


Fall 2024 Program (Aug-Nov)

$2350* All 4mo ($595/mo)

Spring 2025 Program (Jan-April)

$2350* All 4mo ($595/mo)

*Can pay monthly or in full for a discount

Fall/Spring SIGN UP HERE!


Tues & Thurs 11am-2pm
Wednesday- Forest School 11am-1pm
Friday-Field trip 11am-2pm

*Pricing above is based on 4-days.

-Enrichment Days only $275/mo

-Home-Based Days only $475/mo

Gain the support of a guided curriculum, social skills, consistency, and more. 
Private Tutoring-All Ages
Grades K-12 in any subject.
Investment: $55/session for individual sessions
$45/session for small groups (2-5 students)
*Custom packages will be built for long-term and small-group tutoring.
Students can work 1-1 with a Tutor or in small groups, for extra savings.

Application Process

Step 1: Apply below

Step 2: Family Interview and class visit

Step 3: Two-week welcome period

Step 4: Welcome!


Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policies

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy:

Hope Grove values diversity and is committed to promoting equity and inclusion for all students. We believe that diversity enriches our community and creates a positive and inclusive learning environment. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all students regardless of their background or identity, and to create a safe and welcoming environment free from discrimination and harassment. We celebrate diversity in all forms, including culture, ethnicity, religion, gender, and ability.

Zero-Tolerance Policy for Bullying, Violence, or Discrimination:

Hope Grove has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, violence, or discrimination of any kind. We believe that every student has the right to learn in a safe and inclusive environment and that bullying, violence, or discrimination can seriously impact a student’s academic, social, and emotional well-being. We are committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and calm space for all students and staff.