Meet The Hope Grove Board Members

Image of Heather Miniello - founder of Hope Grove

Heather Miniello


Heather started the non-profit organization Hope Grove in Dunedin, Florida…the first place that felt truly like home to her after living and traveling all over the world.

Hope Grove started out of a personal need from Heather to build a village/support network for herself. She is a single mother and small business owner and noticed early on that other women and her community needed the same support she had while going through big life changes and hardships. Hope Grove has been an adventure and she continues this journey to help fill a large gap in mental health and small business support. It’s her intention to really focus on education and community connection.

Throughout her life Heather has experienced some hardships, including divorce and the death of her father suddenly in 2021 at age 58. She quickly realized the support around her was something that everyone should have access to. She has held different careers, worked with an epic life coach and has used her hard life experiences to help Hope Grove be what it is today.

She has her beautiful daughter that helps fuel her passion for helping others on their personal journey to inner healing and growth. 

Image of Jessica Samson - Board member and treasurer of Hope Grove

Jessica Samson

Board Member – Treasury

Jessica Samson is an author, speaker, executive coach, and advocate for women’s self-care, and physical and mental health. She serves as CEO and founder of the ultimate women’s wellness program, The Badass Blueprint. She founded the company with the purpose of creating communities, and with a mindset that collective experiences and a robust medium are foundational for accelerated personal and global women’s growth.

Her mission is to end diet culture and teach women to love themselves; treating their minds and bodies with love and respect. Clients of The Badass Blueprint learn to honor their health and take pride in caring for themselves. Women across the globe achieve their goals, live their best lives, and cheer for one another as they ultimately become better mothers, sisters, daughters, and significant others once they have truly appreciated themselves.

When we change – we empower and enable the next generation of women, forever.